Mac Estonian keyboard Layout

Or how to use Ukelele to customize keyboard layouts.

For the impatient: download

The Mac OS X version of Estonian keyboard layout and localized version found here, both lack the caret ^ symbol (in its usual place). Also I had an external HP usb keyboard, which again was incompatible with the internal keyboard (the ~ and | symbol keys were swapped). This was a big issue for me, because I often use both of them in scripts.
So, I turned to Ukelele and configured my own layouts.Read More »

ST780 WAN through LAN

I managed to get hands on a SpeedTouch 780 ADSL2+ modem that has 4 LAN ports, USB, DSL, 2 ATA and PSTN port. I was very intrigued by this device mostly for its ATA ports, because I wanted to use it for my telephone setup.

Unfortunately, I do not have ADSL connectivity at my home, only Wimax, which is connected through a Power over Ethernet device and a LAN cable. Therefore I was trying to find out, if ST780 can connect to internet through one of it’s LAN ports.Read More »