ST780 VOIP to ATA (Elion hotifon)

Following my previous post, about turning one of the LAN ports to WAN port, I continued to configure ST780 to use my local VOIP provider’s service, so that I could attach my wireless phone jack to one of those green ATA ports and seamlessly use VOIP as ordinary phone.

Below comes small config exerpt, that sets the device up for Elion Hotifon service (, which has a small fee for which you get 3 months of service and a regular phone number, PSTN users see as your number and can dial to.

Normally, I should have been able to do this through the web interface, but for me (or my VOIP service) it did not work.
Searching through forums, I found this post, with configuration commands to be pasted into CLI.

Again, to start CLI, you need telnet. Depending on your OS, this can be different, but basically start your favorite terminal (Konsole, cmd.exe, etc) and type:


These lines define the service provider’s hosts. Some firmwares might require the proxy to be IP address instead.

 :voice sip config
 :voice sip config

Following lines set defaults for the service:

 :voice sip config regexpire=600
 :voice sip config regexpire_Tbefore=6
 :voice sip config CWreply=180
 :voice sip config reinvite_stop_audio=disabled
 :voice sip config clirformat=standard
 :voice sip config clip_consider_displayname=yes
 :voice sip config sdp_ptime=20 replace#=enabled
 :voice sip config symmetriccodec=disabled reinvite_at_cgfax_detect=disabled
 :voice sip config SIPURI_port=disabled
 :voice sip config rport=disabled
 :voice sip config ringtoneat183=disabled
 :voice sip config ping=0
 :voice sip config min-se=0
 :voice sip config session-expires=0
 :voice sip config expires=0
 :voice config digitrelay=inband click2dial_ports=all
 :voice config rtp_portrange=50000-59999
 :voice config delayeddisconnect=disabled
 :voice config delayeddisconnecttimer=600
 :voice config ringmuteduration=600

Most important part comes here, where you needs to substitude your own username and password:

:voice profile add SIP_URI=<USERNAME> username=<> password=<PASS> voiceport=FXS1

Notice the voiceport=FXS1 – this sets the service up on first ATA port, so connect your phone jack there.
Finally, activate the VOIP service:

:service system modify name=VOIP_SIP state=enabled

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