Apache RedirectMatch is wonderful

I recently moved my blog from iWeb to WordPress (read this post) and was a bit worried about Google search results pointing to wrong or non-existant content. Reading Google help docs resulted in only a bit of help: I have to set up permanent (301) redirect to my new site and that should do it. The problem is that though I could move my blog to Apache powered server, iWeb and WordPress had a bit different URL layout, with iWeb having .html at the end and folders only to month deep.

But be not afraid – I found a solution with RedirectMatch keyword.Read More »

Bash and Networking

Bash is one of these gems in the computer world that do not require reading manual for most of the basic use. But extensive reading can lead to expertise and such people tend to prefer bash for tasks of increasing complexity whereas others would have already turned to higher level programming languages.

One such case is networking. How many people know that you can do basic socket I/O with bash? One of such people is my coworker, who pointed this out for me.

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Location Aware Time Machine

My Time Machine backup is AFP based network share that is located at my office LAN, but regardless of my location, Time Machine tries to access this share and when it can, it starts backing up. This might not be that bad idea, but my home network upload is not that good, which results in waste of time and bandwith as TM never completes even the first step of calculating differences.

So, first I sought out for solution to disable access to AFP volume from the world, which would cut me off the whole volume, though. But then I stumbled upon this post, which in essential shows how to toggle Time Machine from command line. Combine this with Marco Polo and you get yourself a Location Aware Time Machine.Read More »