SVN vs Orwell

Not long ago I had to change history in GIT. Now I happened to commit to Subversion a revision, but forgot to limit the files to only relevant to the log entry and thus committed all changed files. Nothing really bad, but the entry was minor, compared to all the changes and I did not want those to go unnoticed in the log. I did not think one can take back files from an already committed revision, so I searched out for a solution to change the log entry. It turns out this is relatively simple, as the Subversion FAQ points out.Read More »

Monitor Reset


Today after using the external ViewSonic VX2025wm display with another computer and replugging it to my MacBook, suddenly it did not get recognized. Just as described here the internal display goes blue for a sec and then returns to desktop just by itself.

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AppStore approval

image by MacLife

Contrary to several posts I have read, my contact with Apple during AppStore review was all pleasant. Leaving aside the fact that my Rivals app did accidentally use private API (which was not intentional), Apple was kind enough to pinpoint the API calls so that I could remove them and rewrite the app a bit.Read More »

iPhone SDK private API

Today I got my rejected from AppStore because it used private API calls. Fortunately nowadays Apple lists the calls in the reject message to make it easier to remove them. I was unfortunate to be using:

  • addTextFieldWithValue:label:
  • textFieldAtIndex:

For anybody wondering about their app prior to submitting to AppStore here is a collection of popular private APIs: