Welcome to Estonia

Currently Google image search paints pretty pathetic picture of Estonia. So this is my response to patriotic request for SEO of Estonia at Okia blog. I thought my tech blog serves as the right place for search engine optimization.

Below are pictures from my own camera and at the bottom links to more info about Estonia.

Culture and nature

An old smoke sauna – still working.

We have very long history at sea.

Kiipsaare Lighthouse. Though now flooded, it can be still reached in the ancient heroic way – walking through the water. 😉

Wildlife in the backyard

These pictures are taken in the suburb of Tartu or in the centre of the town of Räpina.

Sturnus vulgaris

Smerinthus ocellatus

Perdix perdix

These funny little birds walk about my garden throughout the year, most visible in the snow.

Capreolus capreolus

Above picture is taken from my livingroom window.

Branta leucopsis

One evening hundreds of branta started landing on the fields around my house. Next morning I was able to capture on camera some of them taking off.

Seasons – Spring

The flowers blossom right from the snow.

Harilik lumikelluke (Galanthus nivalis)

Talvine lumekupp (Еranthis hyemalis)

Ploomipuu (Prunus domestica) with bees on it.





4 thoughts on “Welcome to Estonia

  1. The yellow flowers in the snow (Eranthis Hyemalis) are blooming at my house right now…Mar 3. I live in the NE corner of Indiana, in the U.S.A. Here, we call them Winter Aconite. They are oh so welcome, peeking through the snow!


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