Chrome ad blocking

I noticed that all of a sudden my Google Chrome (Mac OS X version) has a ~ 10s delay between displaying a web page and making the links clickable.

At first I suspected my password manager extension that it scans through the page for possible forms to fill, or some other extension. So I went through a Search and Destroy sequence with all of my extensions but for avail, until I disabled the AdBlock extension.
Suddenly all is fast again. Alas, now the ads slow it down.

AdThwart to the rescue. After installing this plugin and configuring it to use custom Estonian ruleset: I have not yet noticed any lags or delays when rendering the pages.

Add custom filters

As an added bonus, adding custom filters is very easy and straight forward – just click the AdTwhart icon in the address bar and then “Easy create filter”:

Next comes up a dialog that informs you the two possible ways to indicate the ad you want to block. One of them is simply clicking it. When clicking is problematic, one can just hover over the element and hit Ctrl-Shift-E. The latter variant didn’t work for me though, possibly because I use Mac and it has hotkeys defined in a way I couldn’t guess.

Now comes the fun part – just highlight an ad element (better yet, its outer element) on the page, click on it if you can and again click on the AdTwhart icon to block the element:

After clicking “Add” the indicated element dissapears from the web page.

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