MacFUSION workaround

Upgrading to OS X 10.6.3 broke the excellent MacFusion mounting app. For those like me, who depend upon SSHFS mount, there is a workaround using static sshfs mounting.

Building upon a post in the MacFusion-devel group, I put together a generic script to mount any sshfs host and possibly multiple of them at a time.


# Split the $1 for useful information
[[ $1 =~ ":" ]] && dst=${1/*:/}
# If server name is missing, exit
srv=${srv:?"Server name missing!"}

# If dst folder is given, add it to mountpoint
# substitute _ for every / in the mount point name

# if dst is not given, make it .

mkdir /Volumes/$mnt
/Applications/ $usr@$srv:$dst /Volumes/$mnt

Put this script wherever you like and run it like

./mount_sshfs user@remotehost:/some/dir

Thanks to: renatojf for the original idea.

If you have thoughts or something to contribute, grab it at GIST:

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