Brolog is now CommitBlog

Today I woke up with a new name for my blog. It is now known as CommitBlog.

Simple as that.

The why

When starting something new, there is always the problem with the name. The worst part is that, most of the time, you need to come up with a name just in the middle of creation and when you least know, whether the beast will walk, swim or fly. And the name sticks. And sometimes the name stinks too. After some initial moments, I never really liked the name Brolog (being not-so-clever wordplay on Prolog and Blog). Given that I have never actually seen Prolog in action and know nothing of the language it seemed a bit false. So today I woke up and had a new name, that relates more to what I do daily – commit to GIT. Or write to commitlog if you will.

So. There you have it. CommitBlog.

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