Monitor Reset


Today after using the external ViewSonic VX2025wm display with another computer and replugging it to my MacBook, suddenly it did not get recognized. Just as described here the internal display goes blue for a sec and then returns to desktop just by itself.

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SpeedTouch 780 WL password

Primarly for myself and to increase network footprint of this piece of information.

After reseting to factory defaults of SpeedTouch 780 WL the default password for user Administrator is the 10 digit number on the sticker on the bottom of the device named MODEM ACCESS.

ST780 WAN through LAN

I managed to get hands on a SpeedTouch 780 ADSL2+ modem that has 4 LAN ports, USB, DSL, 2 ATA and PSTN port. I was very intrigued by this device mostly for its ATA ports, because I wanted to use it for my telephone setup.

Unfortunately, I do not have ADSL connectivity at my home, only Wimax, which is connected through a Power over Ethernet device and a LAN cable. Therefore I was trying to find out, if ST780 can connect to internet through one of it’s LAN ports.Read More »