Mount partitions like a boss (AppleScript)

How to quickly mount partitions when the need arises? A small AppleScript to help you out.

The need

No good comes without little drawbacks. When I swapped ODD with HDD, I noticed that it was quite a bit noisier than SSD and even compared to similar MBP with HDD in original bay (probably because ODD bay has a slot that lets noise out easily). So, now I tend to eject the secondary disk when I don’t need it, so my Mac can spin it down. All nice and dandy, but reattaching it when needed was a bit tedious.

The Script

set partList to {"Meedia", "BOOTCAMP"}
choose from list partList with prompt "Choose partitions" with multiple selections allowed
if result is not equal to false then
	repeat with part in result
		do shell script "diskutil mount " & part
		display dialog "Volume " & part & " mounted"
	end repeat
end if

This script asks for which of the partitions to mount and then iterates with diskutil through the selection.


You can copy-paste the above script to AppleScript Editor and adjust it to your needs, or you can download this as a ready to use application. Gmail style related messages

Mac OS X Lion has a ton of new features and not the least of them is the conversation view that makes it look much in like Gmail.

Still, unlike Gmail, by default shows only incoming conversation and omits sent messages, unless one presses the “Show related messages” button.

Fortunately there is a preference option to turn this on constantly.

Go to menu “Mail > Preferences > View” and check “Include related messages” box.

I wonder why this option is turned off by default?

MTS to MP4 converter

Following my previous post about iMovie and MTS I always had random trouble with my converter failing/hanging with some  MTS files. And when repeated for the same file – no problems. This way I couldn’t just set the converter to work with tens of files and go for a coffee – I always had to look for hangs and stop the process only to restart it again.

And after I had problems with QuickTime refusing to open the new .mov files and iMovie having no sound, I thought it to be prime time to revisit the script.
Read More »

Mac OS X 10.6.5 upgrade freed 2 GB

When Snow Leopard first game out, it was promised to cut back on the OS footprint (in Gigs).

Now, upgrading to 10.6.5, I somehow had insight to take screenshot of disk usage right before upgrading and comparing to the after shot:


Mac OS X 10.6.4


Mac OS X 10.6.5

As you can see – it freed over 2 GB of disk space. Now this is what I call a good upgrade. Not only adding features and fixing bugs, but at the same time cutting back in bloat.

Note: my Time Machine reported 7.03 GB worth of changed data that needs to be backed up. So get some, loose some. But as my backup drive has lots of space while MacBook has little, I consider myself a winner.

Location Aware Time Machine

My Time Machine backup is AFP based network share that is located at my office LAN, but regardless of my location, Time Machine tries to access this share and when it can, it starts backing up. This might not be that bad idea, but my home network upload is not that good, which results in waste of time and bandwith as TM never completes even the first step of calculating differences.

So, first I sought out for solution to disable access to AFP volume from the world, which would cut me off the whole volume, though. But then I stumbled upon this post, which in essential shows how to toggle Time Machine from command line. Combine this with Marco Polo and you get yourself a Location Aware Time Machine.Read More »

Mac Estonian keyboard Layout

Or how to use Ukelele to customize keyboard layouts.

For the impatient: download

The Mac OS X version of Estonian keyboard layout and localized version found here, both lack the caret ^ symbol (in its usual place). Also I had an external HP usb keyboard, which again was incompatible with the internal keyboard (the ~ and | symbol keys were swapped). This was a big issue for me, because I often use both of them in scripts.
So, I turned to Ukelele and configured my own layouts.Read More »