Titles and Descriptions in Photos.app


Adding Captions and Comments to photos in macOS’ Photos.app is easy after you have shared it via iCloud photo sharing. But how to add titles or descriptions to photos you don’t plan on sharing right away, such as just cataloguing old pictures for easier searching?


Get Info

The Photos UI is rater limited and no obvious place to add titles is visible. But select one or more photos, hit ⌘+I (or pick Info from the Window menu) and this opens a dialog with information about selected items, among other things, Title, Description, Keywords and Location. This is especially nice if you pick multiple items, you can assign title or description to all of them in group.


In the above examples I have picked two photos and assigned title, longer description and location to an old photo from 2001. All these fields are now searchable. I have used the description field to list people in the pictures, etc.


Gimp Resyntesize: remove unwanted objects from photos

Probably many of us have seen at least demos of using Photoshop to un-clutter your photos, resulting in almost unseemingly removed objects and restored background. While I won’t argue that Photoshop does excellent job at this, it is good to know that open-source GIMP this functionality too.

The GIMP Resynthesizer plugin makes it easy to intelligently remove unwanted objects from photos. There seems to be a 2.0 version of this plugin available at the developer’s github page (bootchk/resynthesizer), but I haven’t tried that yet.

How this plugin works has been covered number of times before, (e.g this “Content-Aware Fill” clip or this resynthesizer tutorial), so I won’t go into details of this here.

Only difference for me was that I used the Enchance > Smart remove selection... filter rather than Map > Resynthesize... and the result is displayed below.

Using GIMP Resynthesizer to remove unwanted objects